Porta-Grazer Mini
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Designed for minis and small ponies. Also works great for sheep/goats. Holds 2 average size flakes

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Mini Porta-Graze 2 pc. set includes: barrel and one grazing  pan. The patented interlocking tab system allows the pan to be secured in the barrel while still partially extended above the barrel opening allowing for more hay.  For best results the hay is not fluffed, simply place the flake flat against the inside barrel wall, push down folding the flake over to the bottom - creating an arch -  then line up the keyhole in the pan with the arrow on one handle,  drop in the pan and give it a spin.  Takes only seconds to load!

Specifications approx. 7.8 kg empty / 46 cm tall, 56 cm wide / threaded drain plug
Holding capacity: 2 average size flakes / approx. 3.5 kg (loose) - 4.5 kg (compressed) hay
Rugged food grade (not recycled) polyethylene plastic, UV protected, rated to 30 deg. below zero. 
Made in USA


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petra kruger - 26-11-2019 08:03

wir sind sehr zufrieden

Nathalie Hauser - 23-09-2018 12:53

Schnelle Lieferung, das Modell Mini ist praktisch, da nicht allzu schwer, einfach zu nachfüllen. Ponys brauchen ein bisschen Zeit, um es richtig zu bedienen. Schade ist es so teuer, würde sonst mehrer kaufen.

Lüthard Yvonne - 28-04-2018 14:00

Super und nach wenigen Tagen schon hier
Danke schön