A REVOLUTIONARY new slow-feeding system developed in the USA to improve the health of confined horses. Since 2016 available in Europe!

‚ÄčDesigned to allow the horse to graze hay in a naturally slow, continuous manner in the correct posture. Each bite is torn off and pulled through the pan insert holes, simulating natural grazing. The restrictor pan insert lowers to the bottom as the feed is consumed and is easily removed for refilling in less than 10 seconds, yet with its clever locking mechanism, is almost impossible to remove – can be knocked over, kicked and rolled around with no spillage.


  • No wasted hay or mess on the stable floor = less labour, less vet & feed bills and healthier horses!

  • Allows several hours of grazing time per filling.

  • Prevents parasites and sand being ingested from the stable floor.

  • No gorging - horses can graze all day – searching, pulling, tearing whilst chewing & swallowing - naturally.

  • The optional lid/water trough makes Porta-GrazerTM the essential travelling item when on the road.

‚ÄčApproved, owned and sold by Veterinarians and Equine Dentists!