Porta-Grazer™ can save your facility time, eliminate hay waste, and save you money!

PORTA-GRAZER™ is a no waste natural feeding system that promotes better health for horses while allowing substantial savings of time and money to those who care for them. We all know that horses need feed available 24/7 to meet their digestive requirements. This is the reason PORTA-GRAZER™ is so popular with horse owners. I have listed some of Porta-Grazers features that will make your operation more profitable and desirable.

  • Hay savings average about 25%, depending on your current feeding system.
  • No dunking hay in water.
  • Porta-Grazer™ can be loaded in under a minute.
  • Bedding will last up to two times longer.
  • Substantial reduction of costly waste removal.
  • Reduce or eliminate destructive behavior.
  • Horses will only eat what they require to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Ability to house more than one horse per enclosure.
  • Huge reduction in stall cleaning time.